Welcome to the Odyssey Grids blog!

The Odyssey Dynamic Learning System (‘Odyssey’ for short) is an inspirational, content-neutral, scalable, low-cost educational tool to help students engage with and personalise their learning experience. Teachers and educators can use it to teach any subject at any level.

It was devised by David Pinto, a maths teacher, social-anthropologist and entrepreneur and developed together with Leon Conrad, co-founder and lead trainer at The Academy of Oratory who teaches communication skills for negotiators for The Negotiation Lab and is passionate about the integrated and integrative approach to teaching the word-based and number-based traditionally linked to the classical liberal arts.

The Odyssey methodology and approach is explored in our book, Odyssey: Dynamic Learning System. You can get a taste of it by downloading free resources from our website.

We’d love to hear about your experiences with Odyssey – and we’re keen to host new Odyssey Grids, activitiy content suitable for use with Odyssey – and discuss licensing with you.

Odyssey Grids are released on a CCNC basis.


Welcome to the Odyssey Grids blog!